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Free Solo

Rating: 12A
Director: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin
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FREE SOLO From award-winning documentary filmmaker E. Chai Vasarhelyi and world-renowned photographer and mountaineer Jimmy Chin, the directors of MERU, comes FREE SOLO, a stunning, intimate and unflinching portrait of free soloist climber Alex Honnold,as he prepares to achieve his lifelong dream: climbing the face of the world’s most famous rock ... the 3,200-foot El Capitan in Yosemite National Park ... without a rope. Celebrated as one of the greatest athletic feats of any kind, Honnold’s climb set the ultimate standard: perfection or death. Succeeding in this challenge places his story in the annals of human achievement.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Sunday 20 Jan 201911:30     

BTS World Tour Love Yourself In Seoul

Rating: U
Director: Big Hit Entertainment
BTS WORLD TOUR LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL Shot at the Olympic Stadium in Seoul during the BTS WORLD TOUR ‘LOVE YOURSELF’, an exclusive screening of the most sought-after concert of 2018 hits movie theaters worldwide for a one-day only event. This event will bring fans together to celebrate the seven members of the global boyband and their unprecedented international phenomenon.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Saturday 26 Jan 201918:30     

This Is Nicholas - Living With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Rating: TBC
Director: Nicholas Ryan-Purcell
New documentary completed in May 2018. An individual's own journey of living with Aspergers Syndrome (Autism Spectrum Disorder) but also depression, which was brought on by an early childhood trauma.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Tuesday 29 Jan 201918:30     

A Private War + LIVE Q&A

Rating: 15A
Director: Matthew Heineman
We’re delighted to bring to the big screen the extraordinary and incredibly moving story of one of the most celebrated war correspondents of all time: Marie Colvin. A PRIVATE WAR is directed by Oscar-nominated Matthew Heineman (CARTEL LAND, CITY OF GHOSTS), the film stars BAFTA nominee Rosamund Pike, whose performance will place her in the running for Best Actress this awards season. Jamie Dornan co-stars in a career-best performance as renowned war photographer Paul Conroy, with support from Stanley Tucci and Tom Hollander. In a world where journalism is under attack, Marie Colvin (Rosamund Pike) is an utterly fearless and rebellious spirit, driven to the frontlines of conflicts across the globe to give voice to the voiceless, while constantly testing the limits between bravery and bravado. After being hit by a grenade in Sri Lanka, she wears a distinctive eye patch and is still as comfortable sipping martinis with London's elite as she is confronting dictators. Colvin sacrifices loving relationships, and over time, her personal life starts to unravel as the trauma she's witnessed takes its toll. Yet, her mission to show the true cost of war leads her – along with renowned war photographer Paul Conroy (Jamie Dornan) – to embark on the most dangerous assignment of their lives in the besieged Syrian city of Homs.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Monday 04 Feb 201919:00     

Young Picasso: EOS

Rating: TBC
Director: Phil Grabsky
Pablo Picasso is one of the greatest artists of all time – and right up until his death in 1973 he was the most prolific of artists. Many films have dealt with these later years – the art, the affairs and the wide circle of friends. But where did this all begin? What made Picasso in the first place? Too long ignored, it is time to look at the early years of Picasso; the upbringing and the learning that led to his extraordinary achievements. Three cities play a key role: Malaga, Barcelona and Paris. Young Picasso visits each and explores their influence on Picasso, focusing on specific artworks from these early years. The film thus explains how this young artist acquired his craft. Looking carefully at two key early periods – the so-called Blue Period and Rose Period – the film takes us all the way to 1907 and the creation of a critical painting in the history of art – Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. It was a painting that shocked the art world but changed it irrevocably. Picasso was only 25 years old. Working closely with all three Picasso Museums in Malaga, Barcelona and Paris this film explains how he rose to great heights.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Tuesday 05 Feb 201918:30     

Rembrandt: EOS encore

Rating: TBC
Director: Kat Mansoor
Every Rembrandt exhibition is eagerly anticipated but this major show hosted by London’s National Gallery and Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum was an event like no other. Given privileged access to both galleries the film documents this landmark exhibition, whilst interweaving Rembrandt’s life story, with behind-the-scenes preparations at these world famous institutions. Exploring many of the exhibition’s key works, through contributions from specially invited guests including curators and leading art historians, this EXHIBITION ON SCREEN favourite makes a welcome return to the big screen marking the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death. For many, Rembrandt is the greatest artist that ever lived and this deeply moving film seeks to explore the truth about the man behind the legend.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Tuesday 09 Apr 201918:30     

Van Gogh & Japan: EOS

Rating: TBC
Director: David Bickerstaff
“I envy the Japanese” Van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo. In the exhibition on which this film is based – VAN GOGH & JAPAN at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam – one can see why. Though Vincent van Gogh never visited Japan it is the country that had the most profound influence on him and his art. One cannot understand Van Gogh without understanding how Japanese art arrived in Paris in the middle of the 19th century and the profound impact it had on artists like Monet, Degas and, above all, Van Gogh. Visiting the new galleries of Japanese art in Paris and then creating his own image of Japan – through in-depth research, print collecting and detailed discussions with other artists – Van Gogh’s encounter with Japanese artworks gave his work a new and exciting direction. After leaving Paris for the south of France – to what he thought of as near to a kind of Japan as he could find – the productive and yet troubled years that followed must all be seen in the context of Van Gogh bending Japanese influences to his will and defining himself as a modern artist with clear Asian precursors. In this little known story of Van Gogh’s art we see just how important his study of Japan was. The film travels not only to France and the Netherlands but also to Japan to further explore the remarkable heritage that so affected Van Gogh and made him the artist we know of today.

Note: Times shown in RED are sold-out.

Tuesday 04 Jun 201918:30     
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